Information for Sellers

Important Information Regarding Your Closing

Our office has been asked to act as settlement agent in the closing of the real estate you are selling.
There are some matters that we will require your assistance with in order to expedite the transaction and prevent delays or extra costs to you.
They are listed below. Please also remember that you must bring a valid drivers license or passport with you to closing for proper identification.
The closing cannot take place if you do not have this identification with you.
In order to insure a smooth closing, we would like to make you aware of the following information.

  1. MORTGAGES: If your property is presently mortgaged, the mortgage(s) will be paid off at the time of closing using proceeds from the sale, if any.
    Please complete the enclosed form and return it to us right away in order that we may contact the mortgagee(s) and make the necessary arrangements for payment.
    This is very important and requires your immediate attention. After your mortgages have been paid in full, the banks will send us discharges which we will record at the Registry of Deeds.
    In the event there is a non-institutional mortgage (i.e. one given to a private individual, trust or corporation as opposed to a bank or mortgage company), we will require that the payoff amount be furnished to us before the closing and a discharge be delivered at or before the closing.
    UNFORTUNATELY, THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTION IN THIS REGARD. If you are uncertain about whether an outstanding loan is held by a private lender, please contact our office or have your attorney do so. The obligation to furnish a discharge at closing applies also to outstanding attachments or other liens, if any.
  2. DEED: The preparation of a new deed to convey the premises to the buyer is your responsibility.
    You should have your attorney send us a copy of the proposed deed as soon as possible and before the closing date.
    While we cannot represent the Lender and you we are sometimes asked to prepare a deed as part of our mortgage services.
    If you ask us to prepare your deed, there will be a charge to you of $150.
  3. SMOKE DETECTOR CERTIFICATE (MA Only): We call to your attention the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 148, Section 26E.
    You should contact your local fire department, arrange for an inspection, obtain a certificate of compliance and bring the original with you at
    the time set for closing and fax a copy to us prior to closing.
  4. ELECTRICITY, WATER, SEWER, FUEL: If your electricity is provided by a municipal light plant, you must bring with you a final electric reading.
    Similarly, your fuel oil readings (if your property is not a condominium).
  5. SALE PROCEEDS: If the closing takes place in our office, we will make every attempt to record papers and disburse funds
    on the same day. However, no matter where this transaction closes your funds will not be released to you until the deed and mortgage have
    been recorded at the appropriate Registry of Deeds. Your proceeds will be issued to you by a check drawn on our Conveyancing Trust Account
    as is the standard procedure in Massachusetts.


Our office specializes in real estate conveyancing. We are prepared to represent you in the sale of your real estate and to make the entire process easy and enjoyable for you.
Unless we are representing one of the other parties in your sale our office can represent you for a reasonable fee and give you the comfort you need to proceed confidently toward the sale of your home or investment property as well as in the purchase of any new real estate. Some of the services we provide when representing sellers are:

  • Review of any agreement with a real estate broker or assistance in deciding whether you should sell the property yourself.
  • Negotiation and preparation of the offer to purchase and purchase and sale agreement to protect your interests and concerns.
  • Resolve issues which may arise during the pendency of your sale.
  • Explain the mortgage process and assist you in understanding just what your buyer’s or lender’s requirements mean to you.
  • Assist you in resolving and clearing any issues that may be found in the examination of your property’s title.
  • Prepare the deed from you to your buyer.
  • Assist in the coordination of the closing and represent you at the closing, review all closing documents and explain their meaning and significance to you.
  • Answer questions you might have and resolve disputes that may arise at any time during the closing process.

Please call our office to discuss how we can represent you and what are fees are for this service. We look forward to hearing from you.